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Manufacturer Fast Lane Machine
Part# FLM20000

Lightweight Tranny Case 1deg

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This tranny was designed with the racer in mind. By designing the tranny with this mentality, we knew the tranny would need to be lightweight, adjustable, wear resistant and able to adapt for varying conditions.

Some key features:

  • Replaceable arm mounts. With the ability to change arm mounts you have options with toe in and fighting against wear. We currently offer 2 different versions of arm mounts. A 1 degree of toe and a 4 degree of toe. Another option is Traxxas Nitro style arm mounts (since we based our design off that arm mount).
  • Adjustable anti squat. You can also adjust the anti squat by using the provided tapped hole and or shimming. Keep in mind you always want the angle to go higher towards the front of the vehicle for best performance.
  • Shock tower mount. Instead of threading mount into the aluminum case (unlike the competition that will wear and/or strip out), we designed the case to use a nylon lock nut. Due to the point at which the tower attaches and how it does attach, we knew we needing something that would last and be able to go through the abuse.
  • Lightweight. One of or if not the lightest tranny available.
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One of my best upgrades

- February 14th 2010

This is a very good product. It is very durable, lightweight, high quality, well warrantied, made in the U.S.A., and reasonably priced. My Stampede VXL is now all FLM (except the chassis braces, bumper, gears, drive shaft) with a SPEKTRUM DX2.0 radio and read more

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Rear Adjustable Arm Mount -3 degRear Adjustable Arm Mount -3 deg
E Stampede ChassisE Stampede Chassis
Extended 1/8 Super ChassisExtended 1/8 Super Chassis
Rear Arm (Electric)Rear Arm (Electric)
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