What all does Fast Lane do?  
  We manufacture all parts found on this site    
  Do you have any guarantees or warranties?    
  Yes. We guarantee each part you buy will fit and perform as intended with stock components.

We believe we have the best warranty in the business. We stand behind each and every part we make. If you bend our break any of our products, simply return the damaged piece along with shipping and handling. And we will send you the replacement. Please e-mail us for details.
  What materials do you use?    
  We use the finest quality materials available such as 6061 T-6 aluminum.    
  Do you do custom machining?    
  Yes. Just contact us on what you would like to have done.    
  How do I mount the Inline Throttle Servo on my Savage?    
  First you will need to purchase our Servo Mounts FLM46000 and the throttle linkage for a T-maxx or similiar set-up. See picture for details.
  How do I go about mounting my electronics on your servo plate?    
  There is number of ways to accomplish it. You can use servo tape, zip ties and etc. We opted to use zip ties seen in the picture.