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- February 02nd 2015

This is the best upgrade I have done to any of my rc's. Durable, beautiful, and fitting was spot on!!! Instructions would be nice, and a hole to route the antenna so it doesn't have to run under the chassis would be nice.

Sweet Upgrade

- April 28th 2011

After much research, debate, and breaking 3 stock chassis, I decided on the FLM 10900 aluminum chassis as the best mix between price, quality, reviews, and warranty. It was difficult to find many other manufacturers selling aluminum chassis on the web. The only other one I could find in April 2011 was the Supermaxx from Unlimited Engineering at $359. Apparently many other manufacturers have gone out of business or are not selling their products online.
This chassis fit my new 3903 Emaxx that I converted to a Brushless MMM setup. It seems very sturdy without adding much weight. I like the flexibility to mount batteries top and bottom but the bottom mounting position doesn't provide any ground clearance. Probably can't/won't mount my two 3S 5400mAH Lipos there however. Possibly would mount batteries there if I had hardcase Lipos and was running street only.
The fit and finish is good with a few exceptions (hence the 4star instead of 5star rating). No directions provided and after installation I was left with 5-10 "extra" screws and small pieces. Not sure where they go, if at all. The stock center bottom skid plate (transmission cover) doesn't fit perfectly and requires some bending of the stock plastic piece to make it work and line up with the screw holes on the FLM chassis. Also the antenna mount does not have a notch to allow the wire to pass through and as a result you have to run the antenna wire on the underside of the chassis and up through the mounting nut, risking getting it snagged on the underside of the chassis. Other than those two minor compatibility issues, seems like a great product.
I've only had it a few days so the durability has yet to be really tested but FLM claims on their website to stand behind their products with a great warranty. The chassis comes with everything you need including "integrated" aluminum chassis braces, beefy center (front and rear) hardened steel dogbone driveshafts and cups (thicker and seem more durable than the traxxas stainless steel driveshaft upgrade - TRA5151R), velcro battery straps, two sided foam tape to mount your ESC and foam padding with one sided adhesive (I assume to pad your batteries from the rigid chassis).
All in all...awesome looking chassis, seems durable, and at a decent price. Just do it!


Worth the $

- September 17th 2010

Over all I am very pleased with this chassis. Very good craftsmanshp, and only a few "minor problems" to deal with.

The only problems I have found so far is that the antenna is mounted on the drivers side instead of the passenger side, which isnt a big deal, just means drilling a hole in the other side of the windshield.

There were no assembly instructions. Again, not a big deal, but I have a few small parts left over cause I didnt know here they went.

My biggest problem, and what made me give it 4 stars instead of 5, is that there is no clear and easy way to mount the servo for a 2-speed conversion kit. There are holes drilled and tapped, but the factory servo has the wire coming out of the bottom and this chassis doesnt have provisions for that like the original plastic one does. Its probably a simple fix, but I dont really want to start cutting on my new chassis!!

And lastly, any "flash" thats left over from the machining is easily removed with an emory board, but trust me, ask your wife or girlfriend if you can use hers....

Black Anodized Chassis

- August 29th 2009

Absolutely awesome. Got the E-Maxx chassis for the 3905, I got it anodized in Black. It is possible the sexiest chassis out there at the monent and a great price. All stock parts fit fine. Center dogbones a bit short but small springs or washers sort out the problem. Very Happy.

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